Personal Wishlist

Hello Gorgeous! It’s February one month had passed I hope your 2018 is going well! May you continue to survive and live your life well and always remember quitting is not a solution for everything. Continue to work hard, be kind and don’t forget to smile, I might not see it but your smile is beautiful, a smile is the best thing you can ever wear! I’m proud of you, you’ve worked hard and you are able to tolerate all the hurtful things in life, may God give you light to guide you on your way.

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So hey! It’s February and minds you, this is my second blog post of the year and as you can see in the title it’s my personal wishlist!

Happy Reading!

  1. Finish high school with flying colours – mind you I dropped ATAR, I can still wish, right?
  2. Get my engineering certificate 1 and 3 at TAFE to get me into an actual engineering experience.
  3. Apply to the University of Western Australia for an undergraduate course because I don’t have enough ATAR score to get into to University I wanted.
  4. Get into a Volleyball team. I quitted Volleyball when I moved in Australia, to be honest, its hard to adjust and I can’t be bothered finding another team to play with. Spell lazy M E.
  5. Apply for an internship abroad in a Mechanical Engineering field. It’s always my dream to work overseas as an engineer especially in the US it interest me. If you know how please do comment below.
  6. Do a youtube vlogs. I want to be a vlogger but I don’t have the right equipment to start with.
  7. I want to work in a big company like NASA they interest me. HEHEHE
  8. I want to please my parents by working hard, I don’t want to disappoint them.
  9. I want to go to South Korea that country is interesting because of their plastic surgery and stuff.
  10. To lose weight. This is my goal this 2018 if you have diet tips please comment down below, I’m struggling to lose weight, to be honest.
  11. To have a boyfriend in a right time and in the right place
  12. To not to get hurt emotionally and mentally
  13. To work hard on my dreams.
  14. I want to graduate University with flying colours.
  15. To be a perfect human being. Kidding no one’s perfect.


That’s it! Please share yours down in the comment section below!

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